AI-Powered Lead Generation Software to get qualified leads from Reddit for your agency

Turn Reddit into an acquisition channel full of qualified leads.

Get alert for every Reddit post where people look for your service.

Jump in, provide value, offer help and get a new client!

Generate leads from Reddit

How to get your next client from Reddit


Never miss a post...

Surfkey’s AI understands your business and lets you know when there is a relevant conversation.



to provide value in...

So you can be part of them, provide value and plug your product when it makes sense.



and get new customers.

To build trust, learn more about your target audience and drive new customers.

Reddit is full of your customers, but it’s messy...

Thousands of different subreddits and posts... Finding the relevant stuff manually is a chore.

Surfkey leaves you with relevant conversations ONLY

So you can jump in, provide value and get new customers.

Show me relevant Reddit posts for my business

Reddit conversations relevant to your service...

Only relevant conversations to your inbox, Slack and Discord.

Get Clients from Reddit

That involve your potential clients...

Jump in, provide value, offer help and get new qualified leads.

Get Clients from Reddit

And there are new ones every day...

Because that's the way to find clients on Reddit. No spam - just talk to people looking for your service.

Get Clients from Reddit

Being part of and listening to relevant conversations is powerful way to grow and build a great product.

Unlock new marketing channel

Early-stage growth is hard. It's hard for product builders, content creators, and entrepreneurs. It consists of building a product that solves burning problems in a specific niche. And being able to distribute it there.

In the past eight years, we've often failed at that. Having 10 user calls or betting on 100 signups is not enough.

Early-stage growth feels like you should do 1000 things yet neither of them will make you go 🏒. It's easy to give up and focus on building the product in your cocoon, not being challenged by the market.

But that's the worst way to build a strong product. You must be in the problem space, listening to every conversation, and testing your hypothesis every day. You have to provide value to the community and plug your product at the right time.

That's a lot of manual work. That's what inspired us to build Surfkey. We wanted to be on top of every relevant conversation to help us learn about the field, listen to people's struggles, offer them a good solution and learn what they think about it.

So, who is Surfkey for? IndieHackers, startup founders, hustlers, and creators who experienced the challenges of growth firsthand and who believe the way to build a great product is to be in touch with the customers and the market as much as possible. As well as that early-stage growth is full of grind and showing up every day to lay another brick.

Surfkey is a Reddit keyword alert tool to help you grow organically by listening, providing value, and sharing your stuff in relevant subreddits.

How to generate leads from Reddit?

Can I set up an alert to see when a keyword is mentioned on Reddit?

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Yep, that’s the idea with Surfkey! Once you pick out your keywords you will start getting mails in your inbox whenever one of the keywords appear on any subreddit.

How to create a Reddit keyword alert?

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Super simple, you just sign up to Surfkey with your email and start with keywords in your niche and problem space.

Can you keyword search on Reddit?

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You can. Reddit allows you to do a very simple keyword search with some basic boolean functions included but it’s famously not very reliable. That’s also part of the reason why we set up Surfkey - to never miss a mention of a keyword that is important to us.

Why should I care about Surfkey?

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If you’re a starting hustler, entrepreneur, product builder or content creator you need to dive deep into your niche and really understand (and become part of) the space. This is something you shouldn’t ever compromise on. Surfkey helps you find relevant conversations to either listen or pitch in. 

Reddit is underrated. We want to change that.

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