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Syften vs Surfkey

There were times when we didn’t really believe in the power of Reddit for early growth, SEO purposes, mention monitoring or even market and competition research. Sure, you can find some real gems there but the process of finding them is long and boring. Tools like F5Bot or Syften help you do the leg work, however, you also end up with a lof noise in your inbox. With Surfkey, we are taking a little bit different approach.

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Simple Onboarding

Jot down your brand name and competitors or skip this phase and tell us a bit about your project and intention. The AI will help you generate first keywords and subreddits.

Scope by subreddit

Time for Interaction

How much you interact on Reddit depends on your intention. For researching you can easily just lurk, however, if you’re trying to grow your product, it’s time the best time to start commenting and get those users.

Get relevant alerts

Stop the Shameless Plugging

Feels harsh but once you find that gem of a thread or comment, don’t just shamelessly plug your product. Be an actual redditor, give them advice and only then plug your link if it really makes sense.

Get More Relevant Alerts

What makes Surfkey better than Syften?

🤖 More Relevant Results with AI

The last thing you want is to get spammed by irrelevant Reddit threads and comments. AI will help you generate relevant keywords and subreddits for your intention.

Get alerts relevant to your business

⚡️ Subreddit Filtering

Imagine your brand name is “Butter”, you might want to exclude it from /r/cooking. However, you might also want to monitor keywords in just one or two specific subreddits.

Be on top of specific subreddit

🔔 Slack & Discord

Havin all of your results in one Slack or Discord thread is even better than your inbox. It also supports collaboration with the rest of your team. 

We are where you are

🍒 So many use cases

Early growth, boosting your SEO or just researching your competitors and problem space. Reddit is amazing for all this but only with relevant threads. Surfkey finds those for you.

Do it all!

Why Surfkey? What’s wrong with Syften?

Chevron down

Nothing wrong with it, we just had some cool ideas to improve it. We noticed that getting a lot of irrelevant results and noise is demotivating so we want to improve that.

Is keyword monitoring good for early-stage companies?

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Definitely! We used this strategy to grow Surfkey to its first 300 customers in just few weeks. It’s also helping us with SEO and we’re finding a ton of useful research.

I’m still getting some irrelevant results, why?

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It’s possible that your keywords are a bit too broad or you’re not properly scoping down to specific subreddits or excluding them. Try tinkering or using our AI solution to come up with new keywords and subreddits.

If you’re still getting bad results, feel free to reach out at - I’m super happy to help you.

Mods on Reddit keep deleting my comments, what’s the issue?

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Every subreddit has its own set of rules. Some could have stricter moderators. Make sure to blend in as another redditor and always provide value rather than shamelessly plugging your stuff. 

Syften Alternative

Surfkey lets you monitor specific keywords on Reddit and gives you real time alerts to your inbox, Slack or Discord. Whether it’s your brand, your competitors or keywords relevant to your problem space and niche. You can also use the help of AI to generate keywords and subreddits for you. Try it now and start growing!

Get More Relevant Alerts