Brand Monitoring Tool: Track your brand mentions on Reddit

Get alerts to your inbox, Slack or Discord whenever someone mentions your brand on Reddit.

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Early stage growth = doing things that don't scale.
But every pro has good tools!

Online Brand Monitoring

Monitoring Reddit helps startups track brand mentions, address negative feedback, engage with potential and existing customers, build brand visibility, and overall make better product decisions.

It can be intimidating to get involved on Reddit as the community there can be quite harsh but it’s also way more authentic than other social media. Just make sure to treat it as an actual Redditor and not a brand trying to blend in.

How do I use your Brand Monitoring Software?

Type your keyword

Type in your brand name

The first step is to type in your brand name as your very first keyword. You can also include the link to your landing page and some common misspellings.

Scope by subreddit

Filter by specific subreddits

If your brand name is a common word it might be better to scope down to specific subreddits or even filter some out to get more relevant results.

Get relevant alerts

Get alerts for brand mentions

Now you start getting alerts of mentions to your inbox, Slack or Discord. Then it’s time to track what beautiful things people say abot you.

See your brand mentions

Why should I care about Brand Monitoring?

💬 Elevated Customer Support

Find relevant threads on Reddit of your existing customers who might be having some difficulties using your product. By getting involved directly you’re going the extra mile and the customers will definitely remember that. 

Stand out with better customer support

😇 Brand Perception

Learn what people say about you and your brand on Reddit and see what you’re doing well and where you could potentially improve. 

Learn what to double down on

🔎 Research your competitors

You don’t have to just track your own brand mentions but also your competitors. See what people on Reddit think about them, what they’re doing well or where they’re dropping the ball and find opportunities to improve your own product. 

Know where is the opportunity

✅ Make better decisions

Overall, using a brand monitoring tool can give you valuable insights into your brand's online presence and help you make calculated decisions to improve and iterate both your marketing and product itself.

Have the data

How do I track my brand mentions on Reddit?

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It’s super simple - just sign up to Surfkey, write down your brand name and get real time alerts to your inbox, Slack or Discord.

What is a brand monitoring tool?

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Brand monitoring tool is a software which helps you track certain keywords on social media. You can track your brand mentions, your competitors or relevant keywords in your problem space to find relevant conversations and gather data or get involved.

Is it worth it to monitor my brand mentions as an early-stage startup?

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The general rule of thumb is the bigger the brand the more mentions you get. However, we were tracking our mentions with Surfkey since day one and it’s still been worth it as you can see how your brand is growing and even track your word of mouth.

I’m getting irrelevant results - what’s wrong?

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If your brand name is a widely used common word it’s best to scope down by specific subreddits or even filter some out. Imagine your brand name was “Butter” - you’d get a lot of relevant results but also a ton of cooking recipes. 

Reach out at - I will help you set up the right keywords and subreddits.

My comments keep getting deleted on Reddit - why is that?

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Each subreddit has its own set of rules and moderators. Some of them are more lenient and some a bit more strict. Make sure to follow these rules and always try to provide extra value rather than just shamelessly plugging your product or page everywhere.

Brand Monitoring Tool

Surfkey lets you easily track brand mentions on Reddit. Whether it’s your own brand or your fierce competitors, you can track every relevant thread on Reddit. Elevate your customer support, raise your brand awareness or research your market and competitors by jumping into every relevant Reddit thread!

See your brand mentions