F5Bot Alternative: Get more relevant Reddit keyword alerts thanks to AI

AI-driven solution to get more relevant keyword alerts from all of Reddit. To your inbox, Slack or Discord. 

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F5Bot vs Surfkey

When we finally discovered the power of Reddit for early-stage growth, SEO, brand monitoring or market/competition research, we were browsing Reddit and trying to find gems manually. Obviously this process felt tedious so we eventually discovered F5Bot. It did the job alright but we quickly noticed that it can get a bit spammy with irrelevant results and it also lacks some features. That’s why we decided to build Surfkey.

Start Monitoring Reddit

Type your keyword

Your First Keywords

Start out with just your brand name and competitors or skip this and use our AI solution to generate specific keywords and subreddits around your niche and problem space.

Scope by subreddit

Start engaging

The level of your engagement obviously depends on your intention. For market or competitor research you can just lurk, however, for SEO purpose or if you’re trying to grow your product, it’s time to start commenting.

Get relevant alerts

Shameless Plugging Ain’t It

Once you find that relevant thread or comment of someone trying to figure out the exact problem you’re solving, don’t just shamelessly plug your product. Try to actually help them and then plug your link if it really makes sense.

Get More Relevant Alerts

What makes Surfkey the best F5Bot alternative?

🤖 AI = More Relevant Results

We use the help of AI to generate specific and relevant keywords and subreddits to your niche. Getting spammed by noise makes the whole process annoying.

Get alerts relevant to your business

⚡️ Filter by Subreddits

If your brand name is “Butter”, you might want to exclude it from /r/cooking. Alternatively, you might also want to look for results just from one or two specific subreddits.

Be on top of specific subreddit

🔔 Slack & Discord

Have all of your results in one Slack or Discord thread rather than just your inbox. It’s way more condensed and handy for collaboration as well.

We are where you are

🍒 Pick your use case

Early-stage growth, SEO boost or just market/competition research. Reddit can be amazing for all this but you need relevant threads. Surfkey finds them for you.

Do it all!

What’s wrong with F5Bot? Why Surfkey?

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There’s nothing wrong with it, however, we had some ideas to improve it. Surfkey gives you more relevant alerts thanks to AI and we also integrated with Slack and Discord. 

Is Reddit keyword monitoring worth it for early-stage startups?

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We definitely believe it. We used Surfkey to grow itself to the first 300 users basically just by monitoring Reddit and engaging in every relevant thread. We’re also using it to research other spaces and niches for our main and side projects.

I want my results to be as relevant as possible without noise, how?

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Starting with your brand name and competitors is a great bet. Then you can add relevant keywords from your niche or use our AI solution to generate some for you, including specific subreddits. You can also exclude specific subreddits if they give you noise. 

Feel free to reach out to johan@surfkey.io - I’m happy to help you set it up.

My comments on Reddit get often deleted, what’s the issue?

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Each subreddit has its own set of rules and moderators. Some of them could be more strict than others. Make sure to follow these rules and always try to provide value rather than just shamelessly plugging your product.

F5Bot Alternative

Surfkey lets you easily track specific keywords on Reddit and gives you real time alerts to your inbox, Slack or Discord. Whether it’s your brand, your competitors or keywords relevant to your problem space and niche. You can also use the help of AI to generate keywords and subreddits for you. Start now and get involved in every relevant Reddit thread! 

Get More Relevant Alerts