How to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic:
3 Proven Ways

Drive Traffic from Reddit

Reddit has a massive user base with millions of active users who visit the platform every day. It's also easy to reach your target audience as you can target specific subreddits around your niche and problem space.

Check out these 3 great ways to use Reddit to drive traffic to your website:

1. Engaging In Relevant Reddit Threads

Getting involved in relevant Reddit threads and under relevant comments is a great way to drive more traffic to your site, acquire more users and raise brand awareness. Do this once or twice every day and you will notice a massive uptick in your traffic and user base. We grew Surfkey to the first 300 users in just a few weeks solely with this strategy.

Let's say you're building a Slack alternative for bootstrapping businesses and someone on Reddit is complaining about Slack and looking for more affordable alternatives. That's a great opportunity to get involved, help them out and plug your solution. Just make sure to always be helpful and provide value first rather than just plugging your software shamelessly.

There's always a grey area between being helpful and actually plugging your solution and that area is slightly different for each subreddit depending on the leniency of the rules and moderators. It's not rocket science though, as long as you're always trying to provide value first, you will be alright.

This strategy was always super strong for us, however, it was a lot of time and manual work finding the relevant conversations. That's why we built Surfkey. To never miss a relevant Reddit thread and comment again. Give it a try! :)

Engaging in relevant post

2. Posting Original Content (OC)

I know you worked super hard on that latest video or blog post so it only makes sense to want to make the most out of it and distribute it even further. Be careful though - direct links usually don't perform that well on Reddit. Just dropping a link to your blog post or video will most likely not do well.

So it's important to repurpose your content for Reddit specifically. Every subreddit has a different sort of audience and type of content doing well there so check out the most upvoted posts there in the last month and repurpose your content for that format.

Just a concise summary of your blog post can go a long way on Reddit and you can even link the full article at the end if people want to dig deeper.

We recently posted a video of our 24-hour challenge to double our user base over at the r/startup subreddit and it went down super well because I turned it into a text post with the biggest lesson learned from the challenge and only plugged the link to the full video at the end for people who want to learn even more and see how it went.

3. Boosting SEO juice

The last way of driving more traffic to your website is by boosting your SEO with Reddit backlinks. If a lot of people from Reddit click on your link it will significantly boost your SEO juice and can be an absolute game changer.

The key is to backlink your stuff correctly. Let's say I found an early-stage founder looking for strategies to generate more leads. I'd get involved by offering my advice and then plugging Surfkey as it's suited exactly for this use case.

I wouldn't just mindlessly link the homepage though, we have a specific landing page focused on lead generation. So the plug would look something like this: “Btw we built this lead generation software called Surfkey exactly for this use case, might be useful to you, happy to help with the setup.”

🧠 Pro Tip: Always make sure to hyperlink the specific piece of content under the main keyword.


Reddit is amazing to drive more traffic to your website as long as you follow the rules and navigate the site correctly. Blend in as another Redditor, always provide value first and only then promote your stuff or plug your solution. You can drive traffic from Reddit by getting involved in relevant conversations, posting OC, or by boosting your SEO.

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