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Early stage growth = doing things that don't scale.
But every pro has good tools!

Growth Hacking Software for Reddit

Reddit is still an underrated channel for acquiring new users. Still, you must find relevant conversations to add value and plug your solution if it makes sense. We used to do this manually, then tried a few solutions but ultimately decided to build our AI-driven solution called Surfkey. It gives you only relevant Reddit threads, subreddits, and comments to engage in and acquire qualified users. 

Find Relevant Conversations

Type your keyword

Get started with AI

No blank page, just paste in your website URL or product description and we will find the most relevant Reddit conversations for you to get involved and plug your product in.

Scope by subreddit

Smart Filtering

The AI will do most of the work with relevancy but you might still need to filter out some users or subreddits to make the result page even cleaner.

Get relevant alerts

Get Involved

Once we fetch the relevant Reddit conversations, it's your time to shine. Blend in, always provide value and then plug your solution where it makes sense

Get More Users

Why Reddit for growth hacking?

🔎 Qualified Leads

A truly relevant conversation means it's full of qualified leads for you to acquire. Get involved and find more users from Reddit. 

Get More Leads

💎 Being Scrappy

For early-stage growth you need to show up every day to get those first 10 or 100 users. It's the best strategy before your bigger channels kick in.

Start Growing

🗂️ Research Benefits

It's not just growth, always finding relevant conversations from your niche also gives you so much data to work with and make more calculated decisions with your tool.

Level Up your Research

📈 SEO boost

Reddit is also underrated for getting that extra SEO juice and valuable backlinks after a lot of Redditors click on your link.

Boost your SEO

What is an example of growth hacking?

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Using Reddit can be a prime example if utilized correctly. By finding relevant conversations you can find qualified leads and potential users and get involved by providing value and plugging your solution if it makes sense.

Is growth hacking a skill?

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It's more about the context of your product and niche and finding the right opportunities. Growth hacking on Reddit makes a lot of sense in every niche and problem space though. Just by finding the relevant conversations on Reddit you can easily find people struggling with the problem you're solving, get involved and plug your solution if it makes sense.

How does growth hacking software work?

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With Surfkey you just paste in your website URL or product description and we use AI to find relevant subreddits, threads and comments from your niche and problem space. Then it's just about getting involved, providing value and plugging your solution if it makes sense.

Doesn't Reddit hate self promotion?

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Each subreddit has its own set of rules and moderators. If you always make sure to be helpful, provide value first and only plug your solution if it makes sense, you will be good. We've been using this strategy for all our products and never had any issues.

Growth Hacking Software

Surfkey lets you quickly find relevant conversations on Reddit from your niche, problem space, and people struggling with the problem your product solves. Just paste in your website URL or description of your product and we will find all relevant conversations and send alerts to your inbox and Slack workspace. Try Surfkey now and get users from Reddit.

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