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Early stage growth = doing things that don't scale.
But every pro has good tools!

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Get email, Slack or Discord notification whenever a relevant keyword is mentioned on Reddit. We use AI to check thousands of posts and comments every minute and compare them with your keywords and intention, only showing you relevant results with 0 noise. 

Your product + Your intention = relevant results

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We generate keywords based on your homepage or business description. 

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Do you want to drive customers? Understand problem space? Monitor brand and competitors?

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0 noise results. Get alerts to your Inbox and Slack whenever there is a relevant conversation going on on Reddit.

Find what you look for on Reddit now

Reddit Keyword Research On Steroids

🔎 AI = 0 noise

We show only posts that match your business and intention. Every alert you get = a place to grow your business or learn about your problems space. Reddit is the place with the most conversation in the world. You should be part of it. 

Get relevant results

📈 Drive customers to your business

Reddit is hugely undervalued for growth. People are looking to get help from other to crack their problem. Be part of these conversations. Provide your expertise. Help people and plug your product if it makes sense. 

Grow your business

🧐 Do product research

Build features that make sense by listening to every relevant conversation in your niche. Know whenever there is a gap or a problem to solve. 

Learn about your problem space

🎯 Reach niche audience

Keep the community buzzing. Being part of the community helps you build up a brand and become the go-to solution for given problem. 

Double down on your target customer

How should I use the results?

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Jump into every relevant conversation. Listen, provide value and offer help. Plug your product if it makes sense. Reddit is hugely undervalued for early stage growth. 

How to do Reddit Keyword Research

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Either you can do it manually by using Reddit’s default search or you can use tool like Surfkey to help you find relevant conversations by monitoring keywords relevant to your business.

How do you know what’s relevant?

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We understand your product or business based on your description (or from you website URL). Then we ask you for your intention - maybe it’s growth, maybe it’s learning about specific problem space, or monitoring your brand and competition. 

We use this data to crosscheck result relevancy and only show you posts that has a real value for your goal.

Can I get banned?

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Yes. If you do mindless spamming in specific subreddits the mods will notice. We do not encourage this. It’s important to provide value first. Really try to help people. Don’t spam you product. Plug it only when it makes sense. 

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Surfkey is the fastest way to uncover and leverage relevant conversations to your business. We use AI to understand your business and goal so we can filter out all the noise and serve you only the most relevant results.

Find what you look for on Reddit now