How to Launch a Product on Reddit: Real Examples & Actionable Checklist

Launch product on Reddit

Launching your product on Reddit can give you a huge traffic spike, a lot of new users, extra SEO juice and most importantly boost your energy and momentum to keep going and make the best product on the market.

We had a lot of luck launching most of our main and side projects on Reddit and want to help you do the same. Here's a complete checklist - best subreddits, times and some pro tips along the way.

Our Successful Launches

1 year ago we made and launched this AI-Powered Twitch Name Generator and people over at r/twitch loved it.

It was basically just an image post with the subreddit name on a piece of paper and the tool in the background. Then a comment with a link to the tool.

We weren't sure about the rules on this specific subreddit so asked the moderators beforehand for permission.

Another and our most recent launch was Surfkey - a simple tool to never miss a relevant conversation on Reddit. We tried a different strategy with a super authentic video.

One last example was this free transcription software we made 2 years ago. r/sideproject is generally a very welcoming subreddit.

Reddit Product Launch on r/Twitch
Launch of our AI-Powered Twitch Name Generator

Pick the Right Subreddits

There are a few subreddits where we always had a lot of luck. Subreddits such as r/sideproject, r/startup or r/saas are welcoming and active but mostly full of other creators and founders. But that doesn't mean it's a waste of time launching there. Especially over at r/sideproject we always had a good experience. And if your product is aimed at other founders, then it's golden.

However, you will always have the biggest impact in specific subreddits that are focused on your niche and problem space and active with people who would really make use of your solution.

To give you a few real examples of our launches - our streaming software VEED Live had a lot of luck over at r/Twitch. Our podcasting software and transcription were a big success over at r/podcasting.

🧠 You can use Similar Subreddit to find subreddits in your niche or just Google “your niche + subreddit”.

Post type

Some subreddits don't even allow image or video posts so you will be reliant on text posts only. That's not that bad though! If a subreddit is restricted to text posts only it means there's a big chance yours can easily perform as it’s the preferred format.

Just make sure to keep it simple, concise, and well-formatted. Don't be afraid of being authentic and transparent. There's no shame in saying that your main intention is getting new users because you worked all weekend on the latest iteration and think it could really help the community.

If the subreddit allows video or image, it's always better to just post an authentic and creative image of the tool or yourself if you're comfortable with that. If you check the launches I linked above, it was a great working strategy for us. You can then provide more context in the comments.

Timing is everything

This one might sound obvious but some people will post their stuff at the most random time and expect a lot of traction. Generally, you want to post during times when the subreddit is the most active. I know, duh…

Some subreddits can be very heavily US-based so you want to keep that in mind.

For our launches, we used this tool called Delay for Reddit which analyzes all subreddits and gives you the best days and times for each of them.

Ask for Permission

Each subreddit has its own set of rules and moderators but in general they are all pretty similar.

However, if you're planning to do a big launch it's always good to send a modmail and ask for permission. It's useful to make sure your post doesn't get deleted and you can also start building a friendly relationship with the mods which might be useful for the future.

In some cases, the mods will even comment on the post and let everyone know that it was approved which will make the community accept it more warmly.

Keep Engaging

Don't just ship and dip. After your post starts getting some traction and comments you want to engage and answer people. There will be people asking questions, giving you feedback or even being a bit negative. Don’t hesitate to answer everybody and be helpful. It’s an awesome opportunity to build a positive relationship with your potential customers early.

You can potentially also offer a discount code or some sort of perk to people who discovered your tool through this post. For our latest launch with Surfkey we offered an extensive onboarding call.


Launching your product on Reddit can have a massive impact on your traffic, get you new users, boost your SEO and most importantly give you a surge of energy and momentum to keep building the best product out there. However, keep in mind that you need to pick the right subreddits, day/time and type of post. Hope this article was helpful!

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