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Google Alerts vs Surfkey

Is it really a contest if one is dead and the other is full of handsome people and thriving? Jokes aside, we’ve been using Google Alerts for years before it stopped properly working and tried so many alternatives. There are a few to be fair but we ultimately decided to build our own. Reddit is an amazing place to help you grow but also boost your SEO or help with market and competition research, all you need is to find the right subreddits, threads and comments. Surfkey helps you with that.

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Quick Onboarding

You can skip this part but it’s awesome to get you started. Just write down your brand name, competitors name and tell us about your business. The AI will then generate the first keywords for you.

Scope by subreddit

Start Engaging

Your level of engagement on Reddit obviously depends on your intention. For research, you can just be a lurker, however, if you’re trying to actively grow your business, it’s best to start commenting where it makes sense.

Get relevant alerts

No Shameless Plugging

Once you open that relevant thread or comment, don’t just shamelessly plug your stuff. You need to blend in, be an actual Redditor, give people real advice and only then plug your great product. 

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Why is Surfkey the best alternative to Google Alerts?

🤖 AI = Relevant

The main thing that made us build our own alternative was the amount of noise in our inboxes. We use AI to help you pick the right subreddits and keywords.

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⚡️ Filter and exclude Subreddits

Imagine your brand name is a very broad name like “Beer”. You’d probably want to exclude it from /r/Czech. But you might also want just one subreddit instead.

Track Specific Subreddit

🔔 Slack & Discord & Email

Having everything in your inbox is great but Slack & Discord integration allows collaboration and you can power up Surfkey by also using their own features.

Alerts Where You Want Them

🍒 Surfkey actually works…

Enough said I think. Try posting a random keyword you picked on Reddit and see if Google gives you an alert. Probably not.

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Why Surfkey? What’s wrong with Google Alerts?

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Google Alerts doesn’t work for Reddit anymore. Try testing it yourself by picking a random keyword and posting it on Reddit. It was part of the main reason why we decided to build Surfkey as the best alternative.

How are Reddit keyword alerts good for my business?

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We used Surfkey to grow itself to first 300 customers in just a few weeks. It’s also helping us with SEO juice and we’re finding so much useful information in our problem space and about our competitors.

I’m still getting some irrelevant results, why?

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Your keywords might be a bit too broad so you’re getting irrelevant results from random subreddits. I recommend going through our quick onboarding to give you the most relevant results. If you want to skip that you can just try scoping down to specific subreddits, less broad keywords or excluding irrelevant subreddits. It’s about tinkering too.

If you’re still getting bad results, feel free to reach out at - I’m super happy to help you.

My comments on Reddit keep getting deleted. Why?

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Make sure to follow the rules of each subreddit. Usually self-promo is not allowed but you can work around that by blending in and actually helping people rather than just shamelessly plugging your tool. 

Google Alerts Alternative

Surfkey lets you track specific keywords on Reddit and gives you real time alerts to your inbox, Slack or Discord. Whether it’s your brand, your competitor brand names or keywords relevant to your niche. You can use the help of AI to generate keywords and subreddits for you. Try it now!

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