How to build brand awareness through Reddit

Build Brand Awareness Through Reddit

Reddit is becoming the key to brand awareness

Reddit is the website where people often ask for help when choosing a product or service. Others jump in to share their experience with a given product.

Let's give an example. If you are building a tool to help podcasters record interviews remotely, you should be part of every conversation around remote podcast recording.

If you are a newcomer to the market, it's an excellent opportunity to build your brand and drive customers.

If people already use your product and mention it, you can enter the discussion and be genuinely interested in what people say about you and provide more context for others.

👉 Being part of relevant Reddit conversations is a great way to keep the community buzzing.

Understanding Reddit and why your brand has to be part of it

Reddit is built around subreddits. So people who love motorcycles are going to be part of r/motorcycles. If they love offroad motorcycles, they are also going to join r/offroad.

If your brand builds an app for offroad trail finding, you should also be part of those two subreddits. Monitoring Reddit conversations and jumping in whenever someone mentions the problem you are solving.

Imagine there is a post, "How do you find trails to ride offroad?". Other Redditors are probably already answering the question and sharing their experience of how they discover new trails.

You should jump in and provide genuine value. Don't just shamelessly plug your product. You are an expert; you know multiple ways to find great trails. Share that experience and plug your product in if it makes sense. That's brand building.

Plug your brand where your audience spends time

The challenge is to figure out where your audience spends time. As mentioned above, Reddit is built around subreddits. Redditors join these subreddits to tailor their Reddit experience.

Start simple. Just Google the most obvious keyword. If you are building accounting software, google "Reddit accounting." There is likely to be a subreddit specific to accounting.

Then you can use a tool like Similar Subreddit to see what other subreddit redditors who spend time in r/accounting also spend time.

You can also try scoping it down by other factors. Imagine you build on accounting Saas in New York. In that case, you might search for "New York Businesses Reddit" and see if there is a location-specific subreddit for businesses in New York.

It's a bit of work to determine where your audience spends time on Reddit, but it's worth it as that's how you find relevant conversations on Reddit.

A great way to find relevant conversations is using Surfkey. It monitors Reddit and sends you a notification whenever it finds a post relevant to your business. That way you are always on top of posts to be part of to build a brand presence without the need to constantly scan Reddit.

How to build a brand presence on Reddit

Now, how to build your presence. Reddit is quite a specific place. It's known for filtering out all self-promotion and spammy behavior. And that's good! That's why it's getting so much traction lately against traditional SEO.

The key to being able to build your brand presence is providing value. Reddit is about people sharing their experiences, and stories, helping others or asking for help. Go with the flow, not against it.

Whenever there is a relevant conversation you feel could be an excellent place to plug your product in, first think about how you can provide value. You are the expert in the field. Share your experience, and offer multiple ways to solve the user's problem, not just yours. Then plug yours in if it makes sense.

You will be surprised how well it's received, even if others figure out you are behind the product you plugged in.

🎁 Give, give, give, then ask :)

But that's all comments! What about posts?

Posting is powerful but has to be handled carefully. First, build up karma in subreddits and determine what post types are well received. Be creative. Don't just share your product and link.

Let's get back to the offroad trail app - you could do a photo post from your last ride on which you found an amazing new trail. Share how you enjoyed it and finally found a great way to discover new offroad trail > via your app.

If that feels sketchy, or you are already known as the app's maker, be honest. Share your joy and good energy while saying, "This is exactly why I build my Trail App! To have more amazing rides". You might get downvoted, but that's part of the game. Don't be afraid of it.

Posts that are upvoted stay up for a long time. Posts that are downvoted are forgotten in seconds.

Also, always remember to follow subreddit-specific rules. If self-promotion is prohibited, you should first get permission from the mods. Explain to them that you love the community and that believe your app might benefit other members and if it's ok to post the link.

🧠 Pro tip: If self-promo is banned and you find your posts/comments deleted because of a link, don't link your app. Just mention it in plain text. It's a lot less intrusive and harder to detect.*

How to measure brand presence on Reddit?

As always, brand awareness is hard to measure. You can track the number of brand mentions (using Surfkey is a good way to do it), as well as the sentiment of replies.

Here are a few things you can measure:

  1. Upvotes - if you are doing a good job, people upvote your comment or post.
  2. Responses - if you solve the problems of others, they often let you know that they are grateful for your suggestion!
  3. Traffic surge - In Google Analytics, the traffic from the Reddit Web version is marked as "Organic Social," and the traffic from the Mobile Reddit app is marked as "Direct."
  4. Brand mentions - if you are grinding Reddit for a long time, other community members will start sharing your product. Of course, that's if you are doing a good job with your product and the target audience loves it

All-in-all, brand awareness and Reddit growth are hard to track with traditional measures. That shouldn't stop you from being part of every relevant Reddit conversation to drive your brand recognition on Reddit.


Reddit is a great place to build your brand awareness and brand presence. Countless communities are interested in specific topics you can be part of, share your expertise, and genuinely help people. Learn what people love about your brand and competitors, and plug your product in whenever it makes sense. Help others understand why your products work in a certain way. Be an engaged and honest founder.

Good luck!

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