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Early stage growth = doing things that don't scale.
But every pro has good tools!

Market Research Software for Reddit

Reddit is a goldmine when it comes to people trying to solve a problem and looking for existing solutions. Or even complaining about the existing product they're using. It's also awesome to get new product ideas. But you need to find the relevant conversations and doing that manually sucks. That's why we built Surfkey - to always find relevant Reddit conversations for you and send alerts to your email or Slack workspace.

Only Relevant Conversations

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Simple AI Onboarding

No need to start with a blank page - paste your website URL or product description and the AI gives you relevant Reddit conversations of your target audience.

Scope by subreddit

Easy Filtering

Most of the leg work is done by AI but you will see patterns after a few days and can filter out specific subreddits or user to boost the relevancy even further.

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Once you have all the relevant Reddit conversations it's time to soak it all in. See what people think in your problem space, about you and your competitors. 

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Why Reddit for market research?

🗂️ Authentic Data

A truly relevant Reddit conversation means it's extremely raw and authentic which is exactly what you want for quality research and data.

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💅 Being Scrappy

For early-stage market research you need a simple enough solution to easily find what people think in your problem space and about your competitors.

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🎯 Get Involved

Research is not just about observation, you can also engage in the discussion and ask follow-up questions. 

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📈 Extra Growth

It would be a shame to not plug your solutions once you actually have all the relevant Reddit conversations. Just make sure to always provide value first.

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Why market research for software development?

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It's extremely important to validate your product and make sure you're building something that people actually need. You can also see what your competitors are doing well or where they're dropping the ball and find gaps in your target market. Reddit is especially good for this once you find all the relevant conversations with Surfkey.

What software do market research firms use?

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There are multiple tools designed for this use case but for a normal user they can be quite robust and expensive. Surfkey makes market research on Reddit much simpler and only gives you relevant Reddit conversations to learn from.

How does market research software work?

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With Surfkey you just paste in your website URL or product description and we use AI to find relevant subreddits, threads and comments from your niche and problem space. Then it's all about soaking all that information in and getting involved if needed. Reddit is a goldmine for this.

Reddit only has so much content, doesn't it limit the market reseach?

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Reddit is absolutely massive and there are always new threads and comments to learn from. With the help of AI we can find posts and comments from every relevant subreddit and always feed you relevant content to research and learn from. 

Market Research Software

Surfkey lets you quickly find relevant conversations on Reddit from your niche, problem space, and people struggling with the problem your product solves. Just paste in your website URL or description of your product and we will find all relevant conversations and send alerts to your inbox and Slack workspace. Try Surfkey now and level up your market research.

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