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AI-driven solution to get more relevant keyword alerts from all of Reddit. To your inbox, Slack or Discord. 

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Setup relevant keywords, grow your early-stage startup, monitor your brand and know everything about your competitors

TrackReddit is down

TrackReddit was the pioneer of tracking keyword mentions on Reddit and it was a big part of a lot of growth strategies especially for early-stage startups. However, it got suddenly shut down back in 2020 and a lot of people got left in the mud. Including us. We eventually found a few alternatives over the years but ultimately decided to build our own - Surfkey. 

Reddit Monitoring Done Right

Type your keyword

First Keywords

We recommend starting out with your brand name, competitors and most relevant keywords around your problem space. Try scoping down to specific subreddits too.

Scope by subreddit

Get Involved

The level of your involvement again really depends on your main intention. If you’re just researching the market or your competitors, you don’t have to get involved at all. However, if you’re growing your tool, it’s time to comment.

Get relevant alerts

No Shameless Plugging

When you find a relevant thread with someone trying to figure out a problem around your niche, don’t just plug in your product. Give them actual advice, go the extra mile. Then plug your product where it makes sense naturally.

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Why is Surfkey the best TrackReddit alternative?

🍒 Actually Relevant Results

Whether it’s just your brand name, one random keyword or a literal phrase, you will never miss a thread. We are also working on AI solution to help you pick the right keywords.

Get alerts relevant to your business

🔎 Subreddit Scoping

Some keywords might be a bit too broad - in that case it’s great to scope down to specific subreddits which filters out irrelevant threads.

Be on top of specific subreddit

🔔 Slack & Discord

Have all of the results in one Slack or Discord channel. Great for collaboration with other people and not having to rely on your inbox. You can always change the frequency too.

We are where you are

✅ Different use cases

Growth, brand monitoring, research or even boosting your SEO juice. Reddit can help you so much but you need to find the relevant threads first. Surfkey does that for you.

Do it all!

What happened to Trackreddit?

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It’s simple - sign up to Surfkey and write down keywords relevant to your brand, competitors or niche problem space. 

Is Reddit monitoring worth it for early-stage startups?

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We truly believe so. Surfkey helped us grow itself to the first 300 users just by monitoring Reddit and jumping into every relevant Reddit thread. We’re now also using it to research other spaces and niches for our other projects.

How do I make my results more relevant?

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You might be tracking keywords which are not that relevant to your niche and problem space or they might be too broad. I recommend scoping down to specific subreddits or even excluding some. 

Reach out at - I will help you set up the right keywords and subreddits.

Mods on Reddit delete a lot of my comments, what’s their problem?

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Each subreddit has its own set of rules and moderators. Some of them could be more strict than others. Make sure to follow these rules and always try to provide value rather than just shamelessly plugging your product.

Trackreddit Alternative

Surfkey lets you easily track keywords on Reddit.Whether it’s your own brand, your competitors or keywords relevant to your problem space and niche. Start tracking keywords and find every relevant Reddit thread to jump in and level up your research and growth!

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